ACS in 2020: Routine practice Vs. pandemic challenges / AKS u 2020: Svakodnevna praksa i izazovi pandemije
Alaide Chieffo (Milano, IT), Marko Noč (Ljubljana, SI), Aleksandar Nešković (Belgrade, RS), Vladan Vukčević (Belgrade, RS), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)
Introduction and scope / Uvod
EAPCI consensus on STEMI and COVID-19, Alaide Chieffo (Milano, IT)
STEMI management in times of COVID-19: my experience, Marko Noč (Ljubljana, SI)
Discussion / Diskusija
COVID-19 & myocardial infarction: real-world cases
Case 1 : STEMI network during SARS-COV-2 pandemic – is my patient infectious and dangerous or a routine STEMI patient?, Vladimir Dedović (Belgrade, RS)
Case 2 : Chest pain symptoms in a patient with bilateral pneumonia during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vladimir Jovanović (Belgrade, RS)
Wrap-up and conclusion

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