T and TAP stenting in everyday practice: optimal technique and clinical outcomes

Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Tomislav Jakljević (Rijeka, HR), Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS), Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS), Vladan Vukčević (Belgrade, RS)

Intro, Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)
T and TAP in clinical practice: experts discussion
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Tomislav Jakljević (Rijeka, HR) (02:06)
Technical description and step-by-step demo of the TAP technique on the TERUMO bench
Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)
Toolbox: what to consider when choosing material and devices to perform bifurcation stenting?
Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS)
Learnings from the largest ever PCI Registry reporting contemporary DES outcomes, related to 2-stent technique in general and T/TAP in particular
Vladan Vukčević (Belgrade, RS)

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