Interventional Cardiology Course

We are pleased to present a specially designed course dedicated to current topics in interventional cardiology, featuring a prestigious group of speakers who are engaged in similar courses around the world.

Emmanouil Brilakis, Salvatore Brugaletta, Shao-Liang Chen, Javier Escaned, Tom Johnson, Jens Flensted Lassen, Yves Louvard, John Ormiston, Flavio Ribichini, Sunao Nakamura, Huay Cheem Tan, Gerald Werner, and others will present contemporary standards and key directions of development in interventional cardiology to the regional audience.

Course will be held on both days of the SINEGY 2023 congress in the Interventional Cardiology room.


Course Programme:


SINERGY regional network: a course in interventional cardiology


SINERGY bifurcation clinic part I - Side branch treatment with provisional bifurcation stenting strategy
Yves Louvard (Paris, FR), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS),  John Ormiston (Auckland, NZ), Gabor Toth (Graz, AT)

Facilitators: Yves Louvard (Paris, FR), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Jens Flensted Lassen (Odense, DK)
Speaker: John Ormiston (Auckland, NZ)
Bench operators: Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS), Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS)

The evolution of bifurcation PCI: What have we learned from the "Ormistograms“ -12 min (+3 min discussion)
John Ormiston (Auckland, NZ)
Stent elongation with POT - bench testing -8 min (+3 min discussion)
Gabor Toth (Graz, AT)


SINERGY bifurcation clinic part II - Two stent bifurcation PCI: when and how
Yves Louvard (Paris, FR), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS),  Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK), Huay Cheem Tan (Singapore, SG), Sunao Nakamura (Tokyo, JP)

Facilitators: Yves Louvard (Paris, FR), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS),  Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK)
Speakers: Sunao Nakamura (Tokyo, JP), Huay Cheem Tan (Singapore, SG)
Bench operators: Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS), Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS)

What is an optimal 2-stent technique- past and present: Dr Nakamura's perspective -10 min (+3 min discussion)
Sunao Nakamura (Tokyo, JP)
The role of image guidance in Left main PCI -10 min (+3 min discussion)
Huay Cheem Tan (Singapore, SG)

10:20-11:20LIVE case transmission from Arendal, Norway
Complex PCI with HoloLens proctoring

Chairperson: Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK), Lampros Michalis (Ioannina, GR), Christian Eek (Oslo, NO), Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS)

Operator: Slobodan Ćalić (Arendal, NO)
Panelists: Dragan Sagić (Belgrade, RS), Dalibor Dragišić (Belgrade, RS), Stefan Juričić (Belgrade, RS), Jahn Otto Naesgaard Andersen (Oslo, NO)

Keynote lecture: Small vessels and diffuse disease: when and how to treat - 10 min
Lampros Michalis (Ioannina, GR)

Regional cases: learning with neighbours
Complex PCI

Chairpersons: Salvatore Brugaletta (Barcelona, ES), Marin Postu (Bucharest, RO), Želimir Antonić (Belgrade, RS)
Panelists: Saša Lončar (Banja Luka, BA), Srđan Aleksandrić (Belgrade, RS), Ivica Obradović (Valjevo, RS), Aleksandar Davidović (Belgrade, RS)

Case 1 -8 min (+4 min discussion)

Valery Gelev (Sofia, BG)
Case 2 -8 min (+4 min discussion)
Milenko Čanković (Novi Sad, RS)
Case 3 -8 min (+4 min discussion)
Alexandru Achim (Cluj, RO)
Intravascular imaging guided bifurcation PCI of an atherosclerotic LAD ostial lesion mimicking SCAD -8 min (+4 min discussion)
Ali Nazmi Calik (Istanbul, TR)


Intracoronary imaging: actionable image interpretation

Panelists: Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK), Salvatore Brugaletta (Barcelona, ES), Jasvindar Singh (St. Louis, US)

Imaging in left main & bifurcations- 10min+10min discussion
Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK)
Intracoronary imaging in ACS and for ambiguous angiography- 10min+10min discussion
Salvatore Brugaletta (Barcelona, ES)

The role of multimodality imaging in PCI- 15min+ 5min discussion
Jasvindar Singh (St. Louis, US)


RUČAK / Lunch break


Friends & Legends in interventional cardiology: an educational tradition at SINERGY

Chairpersons: Gerald Werner (Darmstadt, DE), Emmanouil Brilakis (Minneapolis, US), Siniša Stojković (Belgrade, RS), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)

Update on CTO PCI: an American perspective- 12min+ 3min discussion
Emmanouil Brilakis (Minneapolis, US)
EuroCTO club: the latest updates in CTO PCI- 12min+ 3min discussion
Gerald Werner (Darmstadt, DE)


Otvaranje kongresa / Welcome ceremony

Predsedavajući / Chairpersons: Milika Ašanin (Belgrade, RS), Lazar Davidović (Belgrade, RS), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)

Dobrodošli na SINERGIJU 2023 / Welcome to SINERGY 2023
 - Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti / Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
 - Ministarstvo zdravlja Republike Srbije / Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia

 - Medicinski fakultet, Univerziteta u Beogradu / Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
 - Univerzitetski klinički centar Srbije / University Clinical Center of Serbia
 - Predsednik Organizacionog odbora SINERGIJA 2023 / SINERGY 2023 Chairman

Inauguraciono predavanje za sticanje zvanja Profesor po pozivu na Medicinskom fakultetu, Univerziteta u Beogradu / Inaugural lecture for the title Invited lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Primary Angioplasty without Surgery on Site in the Time of Fibrinolysis- 10min
Profesor po pozivu / Invited lecturer Flavio Ribichini (Verona, IT)

30 godina primarne PCI: priča o uspehu / 30 years of primary PCI: a story of success - PLENARNA SALA

Moderatori/Moderators: Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Marko Noč (Ljubljana, SI), Leo Finci (Geneva, CH)
Predavači/Speakers: Richard A. Schatz (San Diego, US), Cindy Grines (Atlanta, US), Petr Widimsky (Prague, CZ)

Palmaz Schatz Coronary Stent: A Story of Success- 10min+ 5min discussion
Richard A. Schatz (San Diego, US)
30 years of primary PCI in STEMI: A journey of success- 10min+ 5min discussion
Cindy Grines (Atlanta, US)
Stent for Life project- 10min+ 5min discussion
Petr Widimsky (Prague, CZ)


LIVE cases transmission University Clinical Center of Serbia
CTO PCI: a case in point

Chairpersons: Siniša Stojković (Belgrade, RS), Lampros Michalis (Ioannina, GR), Dragan Debeljački (Novi Sad, RS)
Panelists: Miroslav Bikicki (Novi Sad, RS), Radoslav Romanović (Belgrade, RS), Dragan Topić (Belgrade, RS), Muamer Bačevac (Novi Pazar, RS), Gabrijela Stojković (Leskovac, RS), Milivoje Cerović (Belgrade, RS)
Operator: Gerald Werner (Darmstadt, DE)

Keynote lecture: Indications for revascularization of CTO- 10min
Siniša Stojković (Belgrade, RS)


Contemporary use of intracoronary physiology

Physiology for planning and guidance of PCI procedures
Javier Escaned (Madrid, ES)
A case from clinical practice
Nieves Gonzalo (Madrid, ES)


Physiology for assessment of microvascular and vasomotor coronary disorders
Javier Escaned (Madrid, ES)
A case from clinical practice
Marco Lombardi (Madrid, ES)


08:00-09:00LIVE Case DK crush stenting
Nanjing First Hospital
Operator: Shao-Liang Chen (Nanjing, CN)
Chairpersons: Yves Louvard (Paris, FR), Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Bratislav Milosavljević (Belgrade, RS)
Panelists: Olivera Mićić (Užice, RS), Ivan Ilić (Belgrade, RS), Milorad Živković (Belgrade, RS), Vladimir Dedović (Belgrade, RS), Zoran Jović (Belgrade, RS)

ESH-Upgrades on Renal Denervation

Panelists: Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Flavio Ribichini (Verona, IT), Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS), Zlatko Mehemdbegović (Belgrade, RS)

Introduction and symposium objectives- 5min
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)
NEW ESH Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension- 15min
Flavio Ribichini (Verona, IT)
The right patients for Renal denervation- 10min
Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS)
Technical aspects of Renal denervation- 10min 
Zlatko Mehemdbegović (Belgrade, RS)
Discussion and conclusion- 5min

Sponsored by Medtronic


Calcified lesions: which device and how
Facilitators: Salvatore Brugaletta (Barcelona, ES), Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS)
My approach to calcified lesions- 15min+10min discussion 
Flavio Ribichini (Verona, IT)
Role of intracoronary imaging: 5min+ 5min discussion 
Salvatore Brugaletta (Barcelona, ES)
Case in point: complication during calcified lesion PCI- 5min+5min discussion 
Guest speaker: Fazila Malik (Dhaka, BD)


TAVI in challenging anatomies with LIVE case demonstration
University Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, RS

Alfonso Ielasi (Milano, IT), Dejan Milašinović (Belgrade, RS), Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS)
Chairpersons: Christian Eek (Oslo, NO), Branko Beleslin (Belgrade, RS), Tomislav Krčmar (Rijeka, HR)
Panelists: Marko Banović (Belgrade, RS), Saša Hinić (Belgrade, RS), Milan Dobrić (Belgrade, RS), Igor Tomas (Novi Sad, RS),  Igor Ivanov (Novi Sad, RS),  Milorad Tešić (Belgrade, RS)

Myval Octacor: My experience- 10min 
Alfonso Ielasi (Milano, IT)
TAVI in challenging anatomies- 10min
Christian Eek (Oslo, NO)


A worldwide SINERGY learning initiative

- Bifurcation PCI complications management

Chairpersons: Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Yves Louvard (Paris, FR)
Panelists: Miodrag Dikić (Belgrade, RS), Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS), Vuk Mijailović (Užice, RS), Marko Stanković (Valjevo, RS), Predrag Đuran (Belgrade, RS), Mirko Čolić (Belgrade, RS)

Case 1- LM bifurcation- DK Crush that went Awry! -8 min (+ 7 min discussion)
Rony Mathew (Kochi, IN)
Case 2-  Bifurcation PCI complication -8 min (+ 7 min discussion)
Lucio Padilla (Buenos Aires, AR)
Case 3 - LMCA Occlusion: Buddy gone wrong! -8 min (+ 7 min discussion)
Sarita Yadav Rao (Indore, IN)
Case 4- Undilatable LM bifurcation lesion  -8 min (+ 7 min discussion)
Manuel Pan (Cordoba, ES)
Case 5- Bifurcation PCI complication -8 min (+ 7 min discussion)
Yoshinobu Murasato (Fukoka, JP)


SINERGY worldwide learning initiative

President of SCAI (Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions)
George Dangas (New York, US)

The mission of SCAI in global education - 10min (+5 min discussion)


INDIA LIVE transmission
Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

Chairpersons: Leo Finci (Geneva, CH), Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK), Slobodan Ćalić (Arendal, NO)
Operator: Praveer Agarwal (New Delhi, IN)
Panelists: Vladimir Mitov (Zaječar, RS), Miloje Tomašević (Belgrade, RS), Jovica Šaponjski (Belgrade, RS), Dušan Ružičić (Valjevo, RS), Saša Dželebdžić (Subotica, RS), Miodrag Srećković (Kragujevac, RS)

14:25-14:40SINERGY worldwide learning initiative

When to plan an upfront 2-stent strategy in LM PCI - 10min (+5 min discussion)
Vladimir Dzavik (Toronto, CA)


RUČAK / Lunch break
15:00-15:45Will OCT Change PCI Practice; Evidence from Latest Clinical Trials on OCT

Presenters: Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS), Salvatore Brugaletta (Barcelona, ES), Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK)

Introduction - 2 min
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)

Case Presentation: OCT in Bifurcation: An illustrative case from OCTOBER trial -8 min
Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK)
Insights from OCTOBER Trial: OCT vs Angiography in Bifurcation Lesions
-5 min
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)
Discussion -5 min

Case Presentation: OCT in Calcified Lesions: An illustrative case from ILUMIEN IV trial -8 min
Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK)
Insights from Ilumien IV - OCTIVUS Trials -8 min
Salvatore Brugaletta (Barcelona, ES)
Discussion -3 min

Imaging Network Meta-Analysis and its potential impact on Guidelines for PCI -4 min
Thomas Johnson (Bristol, UK)

Take-Home Message -2 min
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)

Sponsored by ABBOTT
15:55-16:40Ultimaster Nagomi™ from theory to practice

Introduction -2 min
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)
Ultimaster Nagomi™ -18 min
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)
Case 1 presentation and discussion -10 min
Marin Postu (Bucharest, RO)
Case 2 presentation and discussion -10 min
Tomislav Krčmar (Rijeka, HR)
Closing - 5 min 
Goran Stanković (Belgrade, RS)

Sponsored by TERUMO


LIVE cases transmission University Clinical Center of Serbia (CTO PCI)

Operators: Gerald Werner (Darmstadt, DE)
Chairpersons: Siniša Stojković (Belgrade, RS), Valery Gelev (Sofia, BG), Stefan Mot (Cluj, RO), Nenad Božinović (Niš, RS)
Panelists: Mladen Tasić (Belgrade, RS), Stefan Juričić (Belgrade, RS), Bojan Maričić (Niš, RS), Aleksandar Jolić (Zaječar, RS), Vladimir Zdravković (Kragujevac, RS), Predrag Đurić (Belgrade, RS)


Zdravlje žena i kardiovaskularna oboljenja / Women in cardiology

Predsedavajući/Chairpersons: Svetlana Apostolović (Niš, RS), Jozica Šikić (Zagreb, HR), Vesna Sjekloća-Ivanović (Podgorica, ME), Ivana Iveljić (Tuzla, BA), Milovan Petrović (Novi Sad, RS), Vladimir Mitov (Zaječar, RS) 
Panelisti/Panelists: Aleksandra Đoković (Belgrade, RS),  Gordana Krljanac (Belgrade, RS), Katica Mraković (Užice, RS), Natalija Odanović (Belgrade, RS)

1. Nacionalni Srpski registar SCAD/National Serbian register SCAD
Sinergija platforma SCAD/ Sinergy platform SCAD

Svetlana Apostolović (Niš, RS)
2. Četiri slučaja STEMI: Da li naš pacijent ima SCAD?/ Four cases of STEMI/ Does our patient have a SCAD?
Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS)
3. Prvo veruj, pa proveri/intravaskualrni imaging u SCAD-u?
Zlatko Mehmedbegović (Belgrade, RS)
4. Zašto je bitno prepoznati SCAD/Hematom, NE tromb!
Aleksandra Đoković (Belgrade, RS)
5. Gde grešimo u interventnom pristupu SCAD?Kome I kada PCI? Pro/contra
Mila Kovačević (Novi Sad, RS) / Jozica Šikić (Zagreb, HR)
6. Cutting balloons in SCAD-svetlo na kraju tunela? 
Bojan Maričić (Niš, RS)
7. Medikamentna terapija SCAD! Pro/contra
Ivan Ilić (Belgrade, RS)/Ivana Iveljić (Tuzla, BA)